Contact Lens Fitting, Instruction, and Aftercare Programs

After an initial assessment, free trial soft contact lenses are worn to determine your ability to handle and wear contact lenses.

Successful trials result in extremely happy contact lens wearers, as contact lenses provide a great alternative to spectacles in so many situations,

Visual Fields Analysis

Our Canon-Optopol PTS 910 visual field screener, provides fast and accurate threshold visual field testing in around six minutes per eye.

During a routine eye exam,  we may want to determine through visual field testing the full horizontal and vertical range of what you are able to see peripherally.

This range is commonly referred to as "side vision." results from the Optopol field tests are obtained immediately after the test is performed.


What diseases and conditions does visual field testing screen for?

Many eye and brain disorders can cause peripheral vision loss and visual field abnormalities.

Several conditions affecting central and peripheral vision can be detected through the use of visual field testing, including but not limited to:


glaucoma, the progression of damage caused by glaucoma, retinal detachment, retinitis pigmentosa,

tumor affecting the optic nerve, undetected stroke, undetected eye injury; and a variety of symptoms involving the brain,

such as swelling and injury.

How often is visual field testing performed?

Typically when a sight test is due, normally every two years, depending upon each patient's specific health conditions and concerns.

Diseases such as glaucoma can affect peripheral vision before any symptoms are noticed. Peripheral vision is so important for tasks such as driving,

and for mobility in general, and results from the Optopol field tests can be printed in hard copy immediately after the test is performed.

Diabetic Examinations

Diabetes is a common cause of vision loss, and we can work closely with your general practitioner or endocrinologist to ensure that your eyes are staying healthy.



We use high resolution digital retinal photography to record and monitor subtle changes  that may be of concern.  

Bring in a USB memory stick and we happy to make a copy of your images for you to keep or alternatively we can email.

This will be useful information to other healthcare providers who manage diabetic care.

Diabetics should be seen at least every 12 months, or more frequently should there be concern. Early intervention is  key to preventable sight loss.


Glaucoma and Macula Screenings

Measuring of eye pressure is so simple with aNon-Contact tonometer. A gentle air puff is all that you experience . Careful observation of your optic nerve and macula is performed to assess the health of your eyes.

Driving Assessments

Good vision is an essential element for maintaining safety on the roads. We can provide assessment and reports for all types of motor vehicle licences.

Children’s Vision Testing

Eyesight is so important to learning in our early years. We can perform eye testing for your children from the age of two years, if you do notice a turn or drift of the eye before  this or have a family history of lazy eye or just concerned, please come in for free advice

We recommend that all children have their eyes tested before they complete their first year of school.